Styling your sideboard

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Sideboards are among the most versatile pieces of furniture. Many place their media equipment on top, but let your imagination run free instead. The top of your sideboard is a perfect stage for your decorative finds. Create your own ‘skyline’ of decoration. You can place objects at both ends of the top. You’re free to vary in heights. Take in mind the 3/8th rule; place objects not at the very ends, but on 3/8th of the ends of your sideboard. This goes in particularly for small collections. It’s also an option to place objects on both ends that are similar in height; this will provide perfectionists the ease on the eyes they like so much. This will create a more traditional formal sight. Another way to decorate the top is to place a collection of similar items, like a long row of lamps. Is this not extravagant enough for you, place a larger collection of items on the top. Center the highest objects. This will create a visual triangle. You can also arrange the triangle in such a way that the tip is placed on one of the ends of the sideboard. A short search on Google learns us that placing the point of the triangle on the right is most popular.

What you put on your sideboard is not an exact science, but a fun challenge. Be inspired by the design of your sideboard. Experiment with complimentary shapes and colors, or go for contrast instead. For example, when you have a beautiful white sideboard, create ultimate tranquility by placing a nice collection of white vases on one end. Create excitement by complimenting the collection of vases with a pair of red candle holders. Also, don’t forget the wall behind your sideboard. This too is part of the stage. Popular is to hang a mirror, but a beautiful photo or painting is an option too.  Consider to place a source of light in your skyline. You can orchestrate a beautiful light show with the shapes of your decorative objects.

McIntosh sideboards

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The design of the furniture Scottish producer AH McIntosh is heavily influenced by Scandinavian, in particular Danish design. McIntosh represents quality and a lot of style. The sideboards are often optimally sized and have beautiful long lines and a clean design. The minimal design make these sideboards the center of the room. The designs stem from the Mid-Twentiest century. In the 80’s and 90’s sideboards became unfashionable, because everything could be stored in the modern kitchens. But the sideboard has made a spectacular comeback.

The sideboards are often made of the tropical hardwood teak, with its lovely brownish red color. Teak is a tree species native to Southern Asia. Teak wood has a leather-like smell when it is freshly milled. Teak timber is particularly valued for its durability and water resistance. Its color becomes darker as the wood ages. Teak is nowadays often replaced with other kinds of wood. This makes a quality sideboard from McIntosh a valuable piece of vintage furniture.

Once you acquired your McIntosh sideboard you are faced with the important question how to style the top. Don’t just fill the top with stuff, but take a moment to think about how the sideboard is best served with accessories. For example, check out our vases and place a beautiful combination of different heights and textures on the top of your McIntosh.

Decennia Design has a huge collection of vases. It’s fun to for example decorate your sideboard with a collection of vases. Retro vases, when combined in one tone of color, are beautiful. Use vases of different sizes and textures. This makes for a nice dept. Come and see our collection of white vases in the showroom. The different shapes and textures are much fun to combine.

Do you fill the vases with flowers? Not per se. The collection of vases is an eye catcher in itself. Especially when combined with a vintage piece of furniture. But you can if you want to. Place a single flower or branch in the vase, of go more extravagant with a feather from a peacock. In general; how higher de flower and the vase, the bigger the visual impact is. (

Vintage carpets



Carpets make a space feel warmer. Populair are vintage and recoulered patchwork carpets. They've often had a long life, which brings authenticity to your interior. The longer a carpet has been used, the more fun it can be. Sometimes a carpet has literally traveled all over the world. A recent trend are recoloured and patchwork carpets. (

Besides authentic vintage and design carpets Decennia Design now also sells the Desso Bonaparte vintage look carpets, in any size.

With vintage your interior is unique and lived. The classical vague drawings of the Desso Bonaparte carpets fit perfectly in current trends. Order your own carpet in any size or order chamber broad carpet. It's the perfect basis for an eclectic interior with a daring, personal look. You can opt for more naturally shades which have a classical look or opt for trendy coloured drawings which create exciting contrasts. It is the perfect eye catcher in an industrial or modern interior. (

We have examples available in the shop. Let our employees advise you.



Antlers are immensely popular. Decennia Design has an elaborate collection. In 2013 Staatsbosbeheer (Dutch forest control agence) sold hunderds of antlers. There was a big traffic jam in Lelystad (city in the centre of the Netherlands) and within a few hours everything all the antlers were sold out.

Paul Gageldonk reports in woon! magazine how wanting to reconnect with nature can lead to an elaborate collection of antlers. He himself owns a boar head and the skull of a red deer. “People no longer hunt, but still want to keep connected to nature.” A pair of antlers on the wall is an excellent solution. It's all part of the style New luxury, a style that uses classical elements in a modern setting.

Antlers come in different shapes and sizes, shed or shot. The have served as decoration in our houses for ages. Deer is seen as a symbol for eternal life all over the world. Because deer shed their antlers every year and replace it with a better pair, antlers represent rebirth, according to

There is no rule where to hang your pair of antlers. Above the fire place is a populair spot, but you could also hang them between your photos or decorate your bedroom. Decennia Design sells for example a pair of antlers from 1906 and even older ones. Some antlers are damaged from fights the animal had. Our collection contains antlers from different animals, for example  from a chamois (a species of goat that lives in the mountains), a roe and of course the populair red deer. Which pair of antlers do you choose? Don't wait to long, because your favorite might be sold.