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Do you need furniture or accessories for your photoshoot or film set? No problem. The rental price is 20% of the selling price excl. VAT for 2 weeks. You’ll pay a deposit equal to  the selling price. 
The following conditions apply to all rental agreements;

Rental conditions

Article 1: General 
On all our offers, agreements and their implementation, the following conditions apply. Deviations and/or additions have to be mutually agreed upon and shall be put in writing and shall relate solely to the agreement. A tenant who once contracted with the application of this rental conditions agrees to the applicability of the lease conditions to subsequent agreements between the tenant and Decennia Design.
Article 2: Offers
Offers from Decennia Design are not binding, unless the offer itself expressly and unambiguously to the contrary is provided .
Article 3: The agreement
A contract is only concluded when Decades Design has done or a lease with the tenant has ended . An order confirmation The agreement shall be deemed to have come at the time when the order confirmation is sent by Decades Design , or the lease is signed by the tenant or confirmed otherwise.
Decades Design has the right to refuse . Confirmation of an offer without giving any reason
Article 4: Prices
All our prices are in Euros and exclude VAT, transport or shipping , and other levies imposed by the government .
Decades Design is entitled to the performance of the contract in turn , the costs of which are passed in accordance with the agreement to the tenant. Third
Article 5: Lease Term
The rental period commences on the date as agreed , and more specifically :
Upon removal of the leased property by the tenant : at the time that it is properly handed over to the tenant . The rental period ends when the lessee returns the leased property at Decades Design, upon presentation of a receipt .
Upon delivery of the leased property by Decades Design: at the time Decades Design has made at the agreed location the rented property available . The rental period ends in accordance with the agreed period , except when the rented Decades Design can not come and pick at the hands of the tenant. In this case, the additional period until Decades Design the rented property back in his possession will be charged to the tenant.
Article 6: Delivery / Pickup
Delivery / Pickup by Decades Design or third parties
The delivery / pick-up times are indicative only and never be regarded as a deadline, unless otherwise agreed in writing .
Force majeure and other circumstances are such that reasonable ( timely) performance can be Decades of Design, have not taken the delivery / pick-up time will be extended by a period equal to the persistence of the conditions. Force majeure is defined as: strikes, staff illness , governmental action , civil wars , terrorist attacks , natural disasters , unforeseen traffic situations .
The tenant must ensure that a competent person is present during the agreed delivery date for the reception and collection and return of the rented property . If this is not the case with the supply Decades Design is entitled rented property to carry and bring . Transport this will be the back If this is not the case with the collection , Decades Design is entitled rented property to take. The
General Art. 6
Both collection / delivery by the tenant Decades Design, as with any delivery / collection to the address of the tenant , the tenant must provide sufficient manpower to unload. Rented item and On collection / delivery by the lessee at Decades Design the tenant must provide adequate protective equipment for the safe transport of the article.
Article 7: Retention of security
Keep the leased items at all times the property of Decades Design, regardless of the duration of the agreement .
The landlord has no right to steal the rented good pledge , lease , or encumber . Behalf of third parties
The rent to third parties is possible only with the express written permission of Decades Design.
Decades Design is at all times entitled to rely on its retention and its property to take if the tenant does not pay on time and / or fails to meet its obligations. Unto themselves
The tenant will Decades Design promptly notify in writing if the case is confiscated or other claim is made on the case . If the tenant becomes aware of a possible seizure of the case, he should be informed to make . Immediately Decades Design The lessee will announce where the relevant property is situated .
Upon seizure of the leased property , ( provisional) suspension of payments or bankruptcy of the tenant, the tenant will pay the bailiff, receiver or administrator immediately notify the (property ) rights of Decades Design.
Unless in writing otherwise agreed by the tenant agreement will be a deposit due. The security shall be fixed in the contract .
If the tenant does not fulfill the guarantee for the start of the rental period , Decades Design can unilaterally terminate the agreement and cancellation conditions apply .
The deposit should not be considered as an advance on the rent payable as a lump sum or any risk of damage , theft or misappropriation of the leased property by the tenant. At the end of the agreement Decades Design entitled to offset against the deposit . Amounts owed by the tenant The deposit will be returned if it is established that the tenant has complied with all its obligations . The deposit will not be reimbursed in cash to the tenant by Decades Design, unless expressly stated otherwise in the contract . The deposit will be refunded within 7 working days on account of the tenant by bank transfer.
Article 8: Liability / Risk
The liability and risk of the leased asset are transferred to the lessee during the lease term ( see Article 5 . ) And as long as the leased property does not hold back Decades of Design. During this period, the tenant is liable for theft, loss , or damage to the rented property .
Any damage to the rented property due to theft, loss or damage shall be paid by the tenant. The replacement value of the leased property is clearly stated in the agreement and should be the customer at a total loss paid. The tenant is held liable , whether he is to blame for the theft, loss , or damage. The tenant must insure . Adequate risk for their own account
Damage should the rented within 24 hours of the discovery , or its origin , must be reported . Decades of Design
Repairs to the rented property must never happen without the written permission of Decades Design by the tenant , or third parties hired by the tenant .
In case of theft / loss of the rented , the tenant is obliged to notify within 24 hours of discovery Decades Design and report the incident to the police . A copy of the report shall be handed to Decades Design.
And may only be used for the purpose for which it when entering into the agreement was designed. Rented
Article 9: Advertising
The tenant inspects along with an employee of RetroStation the rented property on external observable defects . Any defects will be listed on the claim form , provided by Retro Station , and signed by both parties in two copies. The leased property is deemed to be in the condition stated in the signed claim form delivered.
When back in seizure of the property leased by Retro Station is the completed claim form together with the tenant compared with the current state of the property rented . Any damage is the responsibility of the tenant ( see Rule 8 . )
Article 10: Cancel
It is possible for the landlord to cancel the lease. Written If Decades Design has to make all of these costs will be charged.
Article 11: Payment
Decades Design is always entitled to demand of the rent , or a cash payment of the entire amount for the commencement of the lease term for a prepayment.
The time when the amount must be paid by the tenant is mentioned in the concluded agreement .
Article 12: Disputes
Contracts between the trader and the consumer of these terms refer only to Dutch law.