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Is Decennia Design the training company for you?

Decennia Design, a varied, innovative training company for you?!
Decennia Design is a certified training company for Savantis and Kenniscentrum Handel.
We have over 9 years experience with students from De Rooi Pannen Tilburg, Koning Willem I Den Bosch, St. Lucas Boxtel and the fotovakschool.
We are a husband and wife v.o.f. retail/wholesale, so you’ll learn first hand how a business is run, buying/selling, customer contact, languages, design styles from the 20th century, a lot of product photography, styling of the showroom.
As an intern at Decennia Design you’re no inconspicuous follower, but an important contributor with influence, your opinions will be listened to.
Curious, inquisitive, genuine interest and does your education connect with what we can teach you? 
Do not hesitate and respond. Cover letters for internships are always welcome and please don’t hesitate to call or email us for information.
Tel: 013-5219206 and ask for Angelique Benschop