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Vaso uovo(Rimini Blu 999-196)


In production since 1953, this is the authentic Rimini Blu Collection, designed by Aldo Londi. Over the decades, there have been many products inspired by Londi’s work, but only the master ceramists at Bitossi know the formula for this stunning blue glaze. As the art director of Bitossi for more than 50 years, Londi built this collection over time, adding new animals, vases and bowls – each one showing a different approach to his intricate hand-embossed patterns. Even today, the master artisans at Bitossi make and paint each piece by hand with layered glazes and firings, creating a deep, rich blue that evokes the feeling of the sea. Aldo Londi was a remarkable artist and ceramist who transformed Bitossi into a company known for its innovation in ceramics design. As with any handcrafted object, small imperfections can sometimes be found, which are consistent with the originality and craft process of the product. Made in Italy.


H 33cm, Ø 17,5cm


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